So you’re ready to sell your property, what is your first step? Whether it’s your first time or you have experienced selling a home, let Neuhaus Realty be your guide. Neuhaus Realty is proud to offer Seller Concierge Services to assist you with selling your property. Neuhaus Realty has streamlined the selling process to help make your transaction run smoothly and successfully. The knowledge and experience gained by 48 years in the real estate industry has allowed Neuhaus Realty to master all types of real estate transactions. The experience enables us to foresee potential pitfalls to make selling your property as trouble-free as possible. We offer a wide array of concierge services to sellers to help you every step of the way which include:

Dedicated Agent

An experienced agent will be assigned to you for the selling of your property. The dedicated agents from Neuhaus Realty are trained and ready to assist you with any services you require for your transaction. And of course we are always ready to answer all your real estate questions.

Getting Your Listing Noticed

Through our technology services we will make sure your property is found by the most possible buyers. Your home will be marketed on over 80 websites. The Neuhaus Realty website offers optimized SEO (search engine optimization) enabling your listing to be viewed by millions of potential buyers.

Enhanced Listings

All Neuhaus Realty listings are placed on our website as enhanced listings. These include important information regarding the features of your home or property as well as a photo gallery for potential buyers to browse.

Photo Shoot

Neuhaus Realty agents are equipped to take photos of your property so they can be showcased on property searches throughout the web. The agents are able to take those photos which display your home in the most aesthetic way possible.

Home Evaluation

When selling a property it’s important to work with a realtor that truly understands the current market. We will provide you with a comparable market analysis to assist you with evaluating the current market price for your property. We will make sure you will be able to fully understand pricing so together we can make an educated decision on the best possible price to ask for your property. Pricing your home for the correct value is one of the most important steps of selling your home.

Home Inspections / Condition Report

It is important for homeowners to understand what repairs, if any, might be advisable to maximize the price received for a home. Certain repairs will not add any significant return on the investment. Homeowners should know what repairs are beneficial to making a property more marketable. Neuhaus Realty agents will be able to recommend repairs which are worthwhile to maximize the price received for the home.

Closing Assistance

One of hardest tasks in a real estate purchase is the closing process. With our years of experience we have been able to streamline the closing process so that you can enjoy a smoother, stress-free closing within your personal time frame.