Over the years, the real estate industry has expanded considerably and offers some of the best career diversity in the current business world. Whether buying or selling residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, or professional properties, dealing with mortgage financing, appraisals, or even urban planning, a career in real estate offers great opportunities. At Neuhaus Realty, Inc., we have many expert associates available to explain the process of becoming a real estate professional. Advantages of a Real Estate Career In today’s fast-paced world, a career in real estate offers tremendous flexibility. The following is just a short list of benefits:

  • No set hours
  • Income directly related to work efforts
  • No earning limits
  • Be your own boss!  You make all your important decisions with professional guidance
  • No desk fees
  • No franchise fees
  • Tax advantages for real estate professionals

The potential for high earnings, community status, flexibility, and being your own boss make real estate an attractive career choice for everyone. How to Become a Licensed Real Estate SalespersonThere are more sources for real estate education than ever before. Local community real estate boards offer many choices to enroll in the schools needed for licensing. Many accredited universities now offer real estate courses, and even entire departments dedicated to real estate.  Requirements vary between states, but a written exam is required everywhere. Neuhaus Realty offers sponsorship for the licensing requirements and reimbursement for the initial salesperson costs. Contact Neuhaus Realty, Inc. for information about how to become an agent.  We provide free training every Saturday morning at 10AM. Training on weeknights is also available.  Neuhaus Realty offers licensing in New York or New Jersey. Mimi Neuhaus, founder of Neuhaus Realty, provides the live, free training. “In my opinion, the only way to educate new sales professionals is with a live instructor,” says Mrs. Neuhaus. “That is why I provide all the training, and focus on quality training on and off the premises.” Call anytime at 718-979-3400 for more information, or email us at